See also the previous support article: Participating in the Holo ICO – Part 1: Whitelisting

Purchasing HoloTokens is as simple as sending ether to our ICO smart contract's address from a whitelisted Ethereum address. However, our ICO site,, can provide you with information regarding the supply and availability of the day's tokens, inform you of how many tokens you've purchased, calculate exactly how much ETH to send in order to buy a specific number of HoloTokens, and help you maintain the security of your purchase.

Note: To carry out the following instructions for purchases, you must be registered and fully whitelisted, with your identity verified and your Ethereum address synchronized with our on-chain whitelist. If you have not gone through the whitelist process yet, please do so before attempting to purchase HoloTokens: Holo ICO whitelisting.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that the Ethereum wallet with which you are purchasing HoloTokens is ERC20 token-compatible. Many exchange wallets such as Coinbase are not compatible with ERC20 tokens like HoloTokens. For example, if you purchase HoloTokens with a Coinbase address, your HoloTokens will be stuck inaccessible in your Coinbase account.

Purchasing HoloTokens with the contract address

To purchase HoloTokens using the contract address:

Step 1: Visit our ICO site and scroll to the "Ethereum Address" section.

Step 2: Read the security information and confirm that the address displayed in the green box is equal to the addresses in the listed confirmation locations.

Step 3: From your whitelisted wallet, send the amount of ETH you'd like to participate with to the confirmed ICO contract address. Use a gas limit of 155,000 because the transaction with our contract is a multi-step transaction that takes more gas than usual transactions would.

Purchasing HoloTokens with MetaMask (recommended)

We recommend you install the MetaMask browser extension (available for both Google Chrome and Firefox) in order to buy HoloTokens more easily and securely. To purchase HoloTokens using MetaMask:

Step 1: Install MetaMask. Here is a good guide on how to set up and use MetaMask.

Step 2: Import the wallet you whitelisted in the registration process into MetaMask. If you set up your whitelisted wallet in MetaMask, you've already done this. But, if you're using a different wallet like MyEtherWallet, you'll have to import your account into MetaMask. To do this, click on MetaMask's fox mask icon in your browser. Then click on the switch profile icon which looks like a person with two arrows circling it. Then click on "Import Account". You'll then need to enter either your Ethereum account's private key, or your JSON file and password, both of which you should have saved or stored somewhere safe when you created your account.

Step 3: Once your whitelisted address is loaded into MetaMask, unlock MetaMask in the browser by entering your password, and visit our ICO site. You should now see a message stating that your address is whitelisted.

Step 4: Scroll to the "Purchase HoloTokens (HOT)" section of the page.

Step 5: Use the slider and the input fields to select how much ETH to send or how many HOT to purchase. Once you are satisfied with your selection, click the "Send ETH" button to open a MetaMask window with your transaction already filled out to the ICO contract address.

Step 6: Make sure to click "Submit" in the transaction window after reviewing that the fields are correct.

Other ways to purchase HoloTokens

To purchase HoloTokens, you can also open the ICO page page in the Mist browser.

Congratulations! You've now purchased HoloTokens! They'll be sent to your account immediately.

For information on how to view your purchased HoloTokens, see this support article: About HoloTokens

If you've followed all these instructions and the problem you're encountering persists, please email our support team at