In participating in the Holo ICO, you are supporting the development of the Holo ecosystem by purchasing HoloTokens.

What Are HoloTokens?

HoloTokens are custom ERC20 tokens made specifically for our ICO. They are stored in an Ethereum wallet, and can be sent from person to person, or traded on compatible exchanges. HoloTokens represent an increase in account balance on the Holo ecosystem, and can be redeemed for Holo fuel once the Holo ecosystem launches.

Basic Token Information

Token Symbol

The symbol for HoloTokens is HOT.

Token Price

In the Holo ICO:

  • 1 HoloToken cost 0.00000022671895 ETH.
  • 1 ETH bought 4,410,747.31 HoloTokens.
  • 10,000 HoloTokens were sold for 0.0022671895 ETH.

Token Contract Address

The token contract address for HoloToken is: 0x6c6ee5e31d828de241282b9606c8e98ea48526e2

This address is not the ICO contract address. Do not send ether to the token contract address! This address is used for tracking the amount of HoloTokens you own in apps like MyEtherWallet or MetaMask, or for looking up statistics about the token on services like

The token contract address can be verified by visiting our ENS (Ethereum Name Service) entry: token.holo-host.eth.

ICO Transactions

Immediately after participating in the ICO and sending a successful transaction to the ICO smart contract from a whitelisted ETH address, HoloTokens were minted into your wallet. You can view them using the instructions below.

Note that you won't see a transaction of HOT being sent from the ICO contract address to your address. This is because on participation, HoloTokens are minted directly into your wallet. If your transaction was a success, your HoloTokens are in your wallet. View them with the instructions below.

Viewing Purchased HoloTokens

On Etherscan

Step 1: Visit the Etherscan site for our token contract address (NOT the ICO contract address)
Step 2: In the "Filter By:" field, enter your ETH address and click "Apply"

Step 3: Then next to "Token Balance" you will see how many HOT in your wallet

In MyEtherWallet

Step 1: Go to and click on "Send Ether & Tokens" in the top bar
Step 2: Select "View w/ Address Only"

Step 3: Enter the address you whitelisted and used to purchase HoloTokens

Step 4: In the "Token Balances" box on the right, click the "Show all tokens" button

Step 5: Scroll down until you find "HOT (HoloToken)

Step 6: Click the "Click to load" text next to it

Step 7: View your balance!

There are more detailed instructions in the MyEtherWallet knowledge base.

In MetaMask

Step 1: Unlock your MetaMask account

Step 2: Switch to the account that has the address you purchased your HoloTokens with

Step 3: Select the "Tokens" tab

Step 4: Click the "Add Token" button

Step 4: Into the "Token Contract Address" field, enter our token contract's address: 0x6c6ee5e31d828de241282b9606c8e98ea48526e2

Step 5: Into the "Token Symbol" field, enter: HOT

Step 6: Into the "Decimals of precision" field, enter: 18

Step 7: Click the "Add" button and look for your HOT in the list!

There are more detailed instructions in the MetaMask help center.


Step 1: Visit with MetaMask installed and unlocked, or using the Mist browser 

Step 2: Click on the "Contracts" tab in the top right of the page

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Watch token"

Step 4: Enter our token contract's address: 0x6c6ee5e31d828de241282b9606c8e98ea48526e2

Step 5: The remaining fields should fill themselves in. If they don't, enter HoloTokens under "Token name," HOT under "Tokens symbol," and 18 under "Decimals places of smallest unit."

Step 6: Click "OK" and take a look at your HOT balance!