If you have not registered for the ICO and whitelisted your ETH address, visit https://verify.holo.host.

Step 1: Visit the MetaMask website to install MetaMask. It will install as a browser extension to your Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera browser.

Installing MetaMask on Chrome looks like this

Once installed, MetaMask shows up as a fox mask icon in your browser

Step 2: Setting up MetaMask

  • Click on the fox icon to get started with the MetaMask setup process. First, accept the Privacy Notice and agree to the Terms and Conditions

  • Create a strong password for your MetaMask account

  • Save your 12-word seed phrase in a safe place. Writing it down on paper is a good idea.

  • Now, you have MetaMask set up! But you still need to import the account that you'd previously whitelisted into MetaMask.

Step 3: Import your whitelisted account

  • Click the icon which looks like a person with two arrows circling it, and then click "Import Account."

  • Now you need to gather the information from your account that is already whitelisted. You'll need either the Private Key for your account or the JSON File, each of which you should have saved during the creation of that account. If you choose your JSON File, you must also enter the password you created for it.
Importing an account using a JSON file is shown here. If
you are using your private key to import your account,
you'll paste the key into the text box. 

  • In the account switcher, you should now see your imported account! You can name it something like "Holo Whitelisted Wallet" to keep track of it.

You now have your whitelisted address imported into MetaMask! This will allow you to send ETH to our ICO more easily because MetaMask can connect with our ICO site and generate a transaction for you.